About Us

Biotek, Inc., formally known as Pro-Biotiks Inc., is a Utah based business founded in 1975 by Vaughan Larsen, a pharmacist and a pharmaceutical sales rep. A back surgery in 1972 fused Vaughan’s lower vertebrae together. He started having some health problems and was told by doctors that he would have to live with those problems for the rest of his life. About that same time as Vaughan was out making office visits and calling on doctors, one doctor gave him a particularly hard time about the drugs he was promoting. The doctor asked him if he had just one drug that actually helped to relieve the cause and not just treat the symptoms. Vaughan told him, no that he did not. The doctor told him to come back when he did. That comment really struck him, along with his own health issues. Those two events sent him on a research journey which resulted in creating Bio-35 and the founding of Biotek. Since that time thousands of individuals have benefited from Bio-35.

Today Pro-Biotiks Inc. is led by his son Jim Larsen. He and the staff at Biotek, Inc.  are committed to that same entrepreneurial spirit. “For Health, For Life”.