What are the trace minerals from the Great Salt Lake in Bio-35?

Great Salt Lake is the world’s oldest inland sea. A remnant of the last great ice age, the Great Salt Lake in Utah has been collecting and concentrating the minerals, trace minerals and trace elements of the surrounding Rocky Mountains for tens of thousands of years. The result is nutrient rich waters which contain over 72 ionic minerals, trace minerals and trace elements that are 8 to 10 times more concentrated than regular seawater – in precisely the same proportion as healthy human fluids. It is from this source that Bio-35 obtains its trace minerals. The following is a list of elements/minerals that are known to be in the water harvested from the Great Salt Lake. Chloride**                       Magnesium**                     Sulfate**                      Sodium**                   Potassium** Bromide*                         Carbonate +                        Lithium**                    Boron**                      Calcium** Fluoride*                          Silicon ^                              Nitrogen +                   Selenium*                  Phosphorus* Iodide*                              Chromium*                        Iron*                             Manganese*              Titanium* Rubidium^                       Cobalt*                                Copper*                        Antimony*                Arsenic* Molybdenum*                  Strontium*                         Zinc*                             Nickel*                       Tungsten* Germanium^                    Aluminum*                        Scandium^                  Vanadium*                Tellurium* Barium*                             Tin*                                     Lanthanum^                Lead*                          Yttrium^ Silver*                                Cadmium*                          Uranium*                     Gallium*                    Bismuth^ Zirconium^                       Cerium*                              Cesium*                        Gold*                          Beryllium* Hafnium^                          Samarium^                        Terbium^                     Europium^               Gadolinium^ Mercury*                           Dysprosium^                     Thorium*                      Holmium^                Lutetium^ Thulium^                          Erbium^                              Ytterbium^                  Neodymium^            Niobium^ Praseodymium^               Tantalum^                          Thallium*                    Rhenium^                  Indium^ Palladium*                        Platinum* ** Verified by quantitative test results. * Verified by quantitative test results over multiple batches. ^ Verified by semi-quantitative test results over multiple batches. + Not verified but known to be in sea water.

What is the difference between Pro-Cal tablets and Soft Gel capsules?

The ingredients of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin D-3 and vitamin C are the same between the two products.   What is different is amount of these ingredients there is about 185 mg of calcium per tablet, while the sg capsules have 300 mg of calcium ea.    Also the material in the soft gel capsules is in a base of flaxseed oil (630 mg per capsule) which is not in the tablets formula.

Is Pro-Cal gluten free?

Yes, both Pro-Cal tablets and soft gels are gluten free as well as dairy and soy free.

How long does glucosamine take to work?

Because glucosamine works from within to heal your joints instead of just merely covering up the pain, starting to see results can take from 6 to 10 weeks.   Most of the studies and clinical trials were done with patients taking between 1500 mg and 2000 mg per day.   It is also recommended that you double up on the dose for the first two weeks (3,000 – 4,000 mg per day).

What is Glucosamine?

Glucosamine is a sugar / amino acid molecule.   Most glucosamine comes from refined shellfish, thus individuals who are allergic to shellfish need to be careful about its source before taking.

Can I take other supplements with Bio-35?

When taking Bio-35 you do not need to take another multi-vitamin/mineral supplement.   You can take single items like calcium, vitamin D, C, E or extra oils like fish and flaxseed with Bio-35.

Does Bio-35 have any interactions with medications?

Bio-35 is very safe and effective.  We are not aware of any interactions, but would advise you to ask your doctor if you have concerns with the medications you are currently taking.

Can Bio-35 be taken while pregnant or nursing?

Yes, Bio-35 is an excellent prenatal supplement and is more balanced for what you and your unborn growing baby needs.   Bio-35 provides the Omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids, trace minerals and enzymes that are key to the development of nerve and brain cells, along with a balance of vitamins, minerals and folic acid. Continue taking Bio-35 during nursing it will help you cope with all the changes and adjustments, and will provide the nutrition you both need. If you are already pregnant or already nursing and are just starting to take Bio-35 we recommend that you start with just 1 sg capsule per day for the first week.  Then take 1 sg capsule twice per day for the following week, and then take 1 sg capsule three times per day at that point.    The reason for this is to let your body have time to adjust to the nutritional change that you are giving it.

Can children take Bio-35?

Yes, but the dosage should be reduced. 10-13 yrs old take one sg capsule per day. 14-16 yrs old take 1 sg capsule twice per day. 17-up can take full adult dosage of 1 sg capsule three times per day. Not recommended for children under age of 10 yrs old.

Can Bio-35 be taken with food?

Yes, Bio-35 can be taken with or without food.  Everyone is a bit different in how sensitive their stomach is, some individuals find they do better when taking supplements with food including Bio-35.

How often do I take Bio-35 and how much at one time?

The recommended dosage of Bio-35 is one soft gelatin capsule three times per day for an average size individual.  Four soft gelatin capsules per day for individuals with serious chronic illnesses, under allot of physical or mental stress or weigh over 240 lbs. Ideally taking 1 soft gel capsule at a time is best.   You can take 2 capsules at a time if you are not able to take one during the day.  Taking any more than 2 capsules at a time is not recommended.