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Bio-35™ Iron Free:


The importance of balanced nutrients 

Research has shown that our bodies need Five Families of Nutrients necessary for optimum health.

  • Omega Fatty Acids (3, 6 & 9) – Also known as HDL’s
  • Essential Amino Acids
  • Vitamins & B-Vitamins
  • Minerals & Trace Minerals
  • Complex Carbohydrates

When we provide our bodies with all five nutrient families, in balance and at the same time, we will begin to feel energized. We get up in the morning ready to meet the day, and we don’t have the afternoon drag. That feeling of “I just need a 10 minute nap”.

Good health depends on the condition of your cells – the basic structural unit of all living things. These cells have one thing in common – a cellular membrane. All cell membranes are made up of phospholipids, protein, omega fatty acids, minerals, trace minerals and vitamins. If these nutrients are in adequate supply, the cell remains healthy.

  • New cell formation and healing are increased
  • Energy output is increased
  • Fats are transported and metabolized
  • Immune system is improved helping to combat stress and disease

Bio-35™ and Stress

“Stress … the cause of all degenerative diseases.”
~ Stress of Life, Hans Selye, M.D.

During routine stresses of day to day living, the body borrows nutrients from your cell’s membrane to form various regulatory hormones called prostaglandins. Also, the omega fatty acids in the cells are also used to produce other hormones needed by the body. When the body is under higher levels of physical and emotional stress, the body “borrows” even larger amounts of nutrients to manufacture the necessary hormones and prostaglandins to handle the “crisis.” If the nutrients used during day to day stress or high stress moments are not properly replaced with nutrients from the food we eat, new cell production and function is slowed down.

Thus, we have cells dying or wearing out faster than new ones can be repaired or formed. We have developed what we call an “Energy Leak.” You slow down, feel tired all the time and experience fatigue, depression and over time you can develop degenerative diseases without knowing why. According to Dr. Selye, ” stress – is the cause of all degenerative diseases including high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease … and vital loss of energy.”

Today many people are not able to or they choose not to eat a balanced diet of “wholesome” foods. As a result, the average American’s diet is high in processed foods and many of the essential nutrients are taken out or changed due to the refining, processing (e.g., Hydrogenation, Oxidation) and filtering of those basic foods we eat.

Also certain individuals have genetic predispositions to certain diseases or chronic health conditions which put added “Stress” on the utilization of essential nutrients in the body, or that cause poor absorption of certain nutrients. Thus, even though they may eat a well balanced diet, using wholesome foods, their bodies need more of specific nutrients than the foods provide.

Added to our bodies daily stress is air pollution which causes Free radicals within our bodies. Free radicals are extremely active, uncontrolled positive or negative charged particles which cause physical damage to cell, enzymes and DNA linkage. They also oxidize essential fatty acids, sterols and phospholipids critical to cell repair and reproduction, creating even more free radicals in the form of peroxides – a domino effect.


The Solution – a proper balance of all essential nutrients.

Bio-35™ Provides these Nutrient Families:

  • Omega Fatty Acids (3, 6 & 9)-Also known as HDL’s
  • Essential Amino Acids
  • Vitamins & B-Vitamins
  • Minerals & Trace Minerals

(The last nutrient family, Complex Carbohydrates, is already a large portion of most individual’s diet and not needed to be supplemented in Bio-35™.)

The Nutrient Families

Omega Fatty Acids:

Bio-35™ contains cold pressed oils from Flaxseed, Rice and Safflower. These oils are cold pressed and are rich in the Omega 3, 6 &9 Fatty Acids. Omega Fatty Acids are used in the production of New Cell Growth, Healing and Repairing of Cells.  Omega Fatty Acids are also used in the production of Hormones, Prostaglandin Hormones and Nerve Messengers.

Essential Amino Acids:

The essential amino acids in Bio-35™ come the cold compressed grain and seed oils that are naturally present. Plants and especially grain / seed plants produce and store all 20 of the needed amino acids by the human body. The human body can only produce 10 of the 20 amino acids needed by the body for optimal health. The other ten must be supplied in the food we eat. Failure to obtain enough of even 1 of the 10 essential amino results in degradation of the body’s proteins. Unlike fat and starch, the human body does not store excess amino acids for later use. The amino acids must be replenished every day. Amino acids are used by the body to build tissues, enzymes, certain hormones and some blood components. In addition, they are used in the maintenance and repair of existing tissues and as a source of energy for the body.

Vitamins and B-vitamins:

The vitamins and B-vitamins in Bio-35™ are balanced and not mega dose. The body does need all present at the same time to build and repair with but most people do not need a mega does of vitamins to maintain optimum health.

Minerals & Trace Minerals:

Minerals act as catalysts for many biological reactions within the body, including, muscle response, the transmission of messages through the nervous system, and the utilization of nutrients in food. Minerals are used in building bones, teeth, soft tissue, muscle, blood and nerve cells. They are vital to overall mental and physical well being.
Trace Minerals are necessary for oxygen transport, energy metabolism, growth and cell and nerve protection. They are essential in the assimilation and utilization of vitamins and other nutrients. They aid in the digestion process and provide the catalyst for many hormones, enzymes and essential body functions and reactions. They aid in replacing electrolytes lost through heavy perspiration or diarrhea. They also protect against toxic reaction and heavy metal poisoning. The trace minerals used in Bio-35™ are from the Great Salt Lake here in Utah a uniquely rich and pure desert sea. There are over 70 different ionicaly charged trace minerals in Bio-35™.

Trace Minerals in Bio-35 from the Great Salt Lake:

Chloride,   Selenium, Strontium, Yttrium, Terbium, Niobium,
Magnesium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Silver, Europium, Tantalum,
Sulfate, Iodide, Nickel, Cadmium, Gadolinium, Thallium,
Potassium, Chromium, Tungsten, Uranium, Mercury, Rhenium,
Sodium, Iron, Germanium, Gallium, Dysprosium, Indium,
Bromide, Manganese, Aluminum, Bismuth, Thorium, Palladium,
Lithium, Titanium, Scandium, Zirconium, Holmium, Platinum,
Boron, Rubidium, Vanadium, Cerium, Lutetium, Osmium,
Carbonate, Cobalt, Tellurium, Cesium, Thulium, Ruthenium,
Calcium, Copper, Barium, Gold, Erbium, Rhodium,
Fluoride, Antimony, Tin, Beryllium, Ytterbium, Iridium,
Silicon, Arsenic, Lanthanum, Hafnium, Neodymium,
Nitrogen, Molybdenum, Lead, Samarium, Praseodymium.

“Give your body time”

It takes years for the cumulative effects of physical, emotional and chemical stress to take their toll on the body. Like all natural processes, your body also needs time to heal itself.* Depending on age, severity of condition, attitude and exercise, the length of time for Bio-35™ to reach maximum effectiveness may take from a few weeks to several months.* A common mistake is not taking enough Bio-35™ during the first few months. We recommend taking one capsule three times per day for two to three months. After this initial period you can reduce the dosage to one capsule twice per day as a maintenance level. Some may need to stay at three per day and a few may even need to take four capsules per day to get the desired results they are looking for.

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